Wednesday, March 4, 2009

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Thursday, January 1, 2009


ありがとう 千春ちゃん!
There`s a first time for everything, lucky for me, this was a golden oppurtunity to grub on some prime Japanese hot pot! Kudos to Chiharu for making such a delicious feast for our Christmas party. For those who can`t read pictures...let me break this down for you: Hot Pot is a pot over a ranger filled with boiling broth of choice, ours was Kimchi flavored...then you slowly cook your own raw ingredients, such as pork, beef, chicken, shrimps, assorted veggies, tofu, get the idea...
Pop Champagne!
Neener neener neeeeener...Oreo`s got a big weiner

Sunday, December 28, 2008

B.B.D. Jamboree Pt.2 @ Bishamon

第二章:Phillie Dicks Gone Wild
Special Guest: Young Money Phillionaire
First and foremost, Brian...JP...I apologizefor the long wait...I know I`ve been making your dicks wet as fuck and been blue-balling ya`ll, but the time has cum. Blue Ball Deep in full effect, minus Phillie Boy #3 a.k.a. Baby Ajax. As you all may know, we have a bad tendency to over-pre-party and we end up too fucked up to go sometimes or even have fun. Ain`t nothin better but a full finger vomit wouldn`t fix.
I gotta say that this night was a special treat for me...because I didn`t drive! That leaves me open to get as ripped as I want...Big ups to Phillie Boy #1 a.k.a. Yaypee for driving us. We managed to smuggle in a cantina of tequila into the bar, doubling our drunkeness and lowering the tab. Gotta think smart when you gotta save...Anyways, enjoy fuckers:
Phillie Boy#1
Young Money "Whale Dick" Phillionaire....psst...his dick is 7 inches long, HARD.
Ah shit! is it DJ Night niggs?!...Ahhh, it`s Ray-Gay Night...
Bish Fam Bam
Gayness again?
DJ not DMC 2002 Champion
DJ Yuki
Waki-san has a 6.5 inch dick...FYI
UFC Fighters: UFC=United Festival of Cocks



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First Things First